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Leica Rugby 670 Single Dial-In Grade Laser Level with RodEye 160 Digital Receiver

Product Description

Slopes done easily
Easily perform levelling and slope applications with the semi-automatic Leica Rugby 670 single grade laser. Their simple user interface, four-button menu and digital display allow quick and convenient dial-in grade for increased productivity and efficiency on site.

Accurate performance throughout the day
Eliminate costly errors and downtime coming from temperature changes on the jobsite. The Smart Slope function of the Rugby 670 continuously monitors temperature changes over time. This unique functionality assures accuracy and solid laser performance over the course of the day.


Functionality: Self-levelling horizontal, with dial-in, single axis, semi auto slope

Semi-auto Grade Range: ±8% SG

Range (Diameter): 1100m

Self-levelling Range: ±5°

H.I. Elevation Alert/Bump Alert: Yes

Rotation Speeds: 10 rps

Laser Diode Type/Class: 635nm, Class 2

Battery Life: 60 hours

Protection Class (Splash Water/Dust Proof): IP67

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Weight with Batteries: 2.6kg

Kit Includes:

  • Leica Rugby 670
  • Rodeye 160 Digital Receiver
  • Receiver Bracket
  • Instruction Manual
  • Calibration Report
  • Hard Carry Case

Additional information

1 Day Hire

$77.00 Per Day

3+ Days Hire

$55.00 Per Day


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