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Mikrofyn ML 11x Single Dial-In Grade Laser Level with HS 10 Receiver

Product Description

The Mikrofyn ML 11x is an automatic levelling instrument. The laser has been specially developed for the builder who needs to be able to work alone, quickly and accurately.

Set up of the laser is very simple. Just place the laser approximately horizontal, then the automatic self-levelling will correct the beam’s position up or down. When the laser is used without slope, the automatic self-levelling keeps the beam horizontal, even if the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration.


The Mikrofyn ML 11x can work with slopes from 0 to 10% in the X-direction. To ensure maximum precision, the laser self-levels before moving to the set slope.
If the laser becomes exposed to knocks or vibrations whilst working with slope, a Level Alarm will be activated. The Mikrofyn ML 11x has a fixed rotation speed of 600 rpm, which also makes it well-suited for working with various Machine Control Systems.

The Mikrofyn ML 11x is built to be strong and robust, with the rotor head sealed in a glass housing, making the laser 100% watertight and dust-proof. The Mikrofyn ML 11x has an easy-to-read LCD display and a user-friendly control panel. The display, where all messages are shown in the chosen language, gives information about the input slope, working mode and battery power.

The Mikrofyn ML 11x is powered by the well-known 7.2V Makita type battery. Changing the battery is easy and doesn’t require the use of tools. A full charge takes about an hour and gives a working time of approx. 20 hours. The Mikrofyn ML 11x is supplied in a transport case with battery, fast charger and Hand Detector HS 10.

Working range (diam): 300 m
Accuracy: 1mm/20m
Levelling range: +/- 5 o
Grade adjustment range, semi-automatic: 0 – 10%
Rotational speed, rpm: 600
Laser/Optics: Diode: 635 nm
Maximum output: 2.5 mW
Laser class: Class 3A
Battery : 7.2 V Makita type – 1.4 Ah. Battery life, approx. 20 hours Recharge time, approx. 1 hour
Waterproof: Yes (IP67)
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm: 195×110×180

Kit Includes:

  • Mikrolaser ML 11x
  • HS 10 Receiver
  • Receiver Bracket
  • Battery Charger
  • 2x Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Calibration Report
  • Hard Carry Case

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